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Working @ ams is fun because…


It is fun to work at ams, because...

...many innovative and fascinating products are developed here. It’s really pleasant to work in such an international company with people from all over the world. I also love the surroundings including our ducks which cross your way when you take a short walk outside.

My name:


My ams location:

Premstaetten - Headquarters, Austria

My tasks/job at ams:

Staff Software Application Engineer.

I have been with ams since:

September 2005

What I especially like about my job:

That we have very challenging and interesting projects in all different kinds of areas you can imagine. We do firmware for our demonstration boards, Windows programs to interact with it, as well as Linux or Windows Kernel drivers up to Android or Windows Phone Apps.

What kind of education I need(ed) for my job/Educational background:

My course of studies was hardware/software systems engineering which fits perfectly to my current job. In general some knowledge about hardware and interest and knowledge in software design for embedded systems is appreciated.

What I am famous for within ams/my team:

Maybe it’s best to ask my colleagues ;)

If you ever travel to my country, one thing you should not miss doing is...

...visiting a traditional Buschenschank (Wine Tavern) which are famous for their excellent wine and traditional Austrian food. If you have more time you can take a walk or a hike in the hills where the wine is grown. I can recommend this especially in autumn when the leaves adopt all different kinds of colors from green over red to golden. This is the best time to take awesome pictures of this beautiful scenery.

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