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Working @ ams is fun because…


It is fun to work at ams, because...

...I can meet people from diverse background within ams over the world as well as customers and distributors. I like to meet people who are in different areas because there are a lot of interesting stuffs to learn from them. Learning is always exciting and makes me exuberant.

My name:

My name is Ho. I joined ams as a FAE here in Korea in Feb 2013.

My ams location:

I am based in Seoul, which is the hustle and bustle of a big city, carrying out field application engineering for Automotive business in Korea.

My tasks/job at ams:

I would say my task is providing on-site support most likely related to technical requests, raised by customer, from various presentations to demo simulations. Sometimes, I was supposed to perform the job that was pretty challenging in the beginning. But, it definitely paid off when I accomplished it in the end.

I have been with ams since:

I have been with ams since Feb 2013. It’s been almost two years since I joined ams.

If you ever travel to my ams location, one thing you should not miss doing, is:

Here in Seoul, there is an interesting place which I would like to recommend. That is Insadong, located in the north area of Seoul. You can find various things to check out from traditional museums to many different restaurants and tea shops. There are a lot of souvenir shops for your lovely family and friends as well. This area has been designed especially for foreigners in order to provide diverse chances to experience Korean culture and tastes. Don’t forget to taste various street food, like Hodduk (Korean pancake) or Stick ice cream along the street. For sure, it would be pretty interesting to hang around there.

What I especially like about my job:

I am deeply interested in cars and like to know a lot of interesting technologies inside. Our ams product is definitely one of the critical parts to complete those cutting edge technologies. It would truly make me glad to see ams products help enhancing the value of highly progressive products. 

What kind of education I need(ed) for my job:

To carry out my job, I need to have ceaseless education with electrical and mechanical engineering along with good understanding of vehicle structure and overall technology of automotive components. On top of it professional communication skill would be another benefit to accomplish my tasks. 

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