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Working @ ams is fun because…


It is fun to work at ams, because...

...the working atmosphere is perfect, the things I have to do in my department are very interesting. All people at ams are very friendly, you can say we are a big family ;-)

My name:


My ams location:

Premstaetten - headquarters (near Graz) / Austria

My tasks/job at ams:

I'm an apprentice for electrical engineering in the department "Backend Maintenance". My daily tasks are: carrying out the preventive maintenance at the machines and at the conversion kit boxes or HSDI-boards and installing the right conversion kit at the machines. In addition to that I'm also responsible for troubleshooting at the machines, whenever needed.

I have been with ams since:

September 2011

What I especially like about my job:

The people, because when I have an issue with a machine or anything else, I can ask everyone in my department - and they are helping me immediately. 

What kind of education I need(ed) for my job/Educational background:

I started as an apprentice at ams right after finishing school. As you are being trained directly on the machines from the beginning on, a specific education is not necessary to start an apprenticeship for electrical engineering.

What I am famous for within ams/my team:

I'm the first female apprentice at ams for electrical engineering with a main focus on micro-engineering!

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