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Working @ ams is fun because…


It is fun to work at ams, because...

...The exciting thing is that we have a broad variety of experiences. And we can work with people who have warm heart and passion. No time to feel boring. Always dynamic and interesting!!

My name:


My ams location:

I’m working in Seoul, Korea.

My tasks/job at ams:

Customer Service/Inside Sales

I have been with ams since:

January 2007

If you ever travel to my ams location, one thing you should not miss doing, is:

I would like to recommend to go to “Jeju Island”. This is the largest volcanic island in Korea, located south-east of Korea. It will amaze you with its beauty. Jeju has Hallasan National Park with a largely diverse species of flora and fauna as well as scenic beauties of beaches, waterfalls cliffs and caves. Volcanoes and lava tubes on Jeju Island were registered as UNESCO World Heritage. Jeju Island is sometimes referred to as “Samdado Island” (meaning the “three many”) because of its abundance of rocks, women and wind. The whole Korea team visited the island during team building in 2012 and had a great time.

What I especially like about my job:

I love to work with colleagues especially with the customer service team. We can meet people from different cultures. 

What kind of education I need(ed) for my job:

We need communication skills because we build the bridge between the customer and the headquarter. Moreover it’s helpful to have knowledge MS office and SAP.

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