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Working @ ams is fun because…


It is fun to work at ams, because...

…of the company’s conducive atmosphere of learning and sharing, which in turn fosters employees’ dedication and diligence. Most importantly, I really appreciate the closeness between employees worldwide, which is very unique to ams.

My name:


My ams location:

Plano, Texas

My tasks/job at ams:

Senior Analog IC Designer for the Advanced Optical Sensor Division. My primary focus is on designing state-of-the-art ambient light sensors for use in mobile communication devices and portable electronics.

I have been with ams since:

December 2013

What I especially like about my job:

I really appreciate the friendliness of the people working at the different design centers around the world. This openness gives me the comfort to ask a variety of questions and receive excellent feedback from someone I’ve never even met.

The most fun at work was when I... addition to solving technical challenges with my colleagues, I really enjoy the holiday parties and festivities.

I am originally from:

Sterling, Virginia

If you ever travel to my country, one thing you should not miss doing is...

...visiting Texas. While working here, I have the opportunity to discover and explore many of the sites and sounds of this great state. This is really a hard question to ask.

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