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Design Documents


The geometrical and electrical characteristics of ams' specialty processes are described in the documents shown below. All design documents are available on our Foundry Support Server.
Please refer to complete overview of design documents *

  • Design Documents for 0.18µm, 0.35µm and 0.80µm processes
  • ESD: 0.18µm High-Voltage Design Rules ENG-404
  • ESD: 0.35µm Low Voltage Design Rules ENG-236
  • Standard Family Cells ENG-42
  • Assembly Related Design Rules ASSY-15
  • Standard Marking Limitations ASSY-124
  • Package List ASSY-168

 * Documents only available for registered users 

Design Rules

Design rules specify all rules necessary to create valid geometrical layouts and include:

Process Parameters

Specify all parameters necessary for accurate circuit design and include:

RF Spice Models

RF simulation models for active and passive devices:

Noise Parameters

Low frequency noise parameters and models including:

Matching Parameters

Mismatch parameters and models for active and passive devices: